Whether your taste buds crave those fruity flavours or sweet dessert flavours, we got you covered with a large range of flavours and a brands to fit your palette.

For those who are trying to quit or even just convert from traditional cigarettes, there are tobacco flavoured juices to give that old familiar feeling.

All Juices Contain 0 mg of Nicotine

Ara Nostra - Mango Grape 60ml

$29.95 Sold Out

Have you ever wondered what will happen if the mighty mango teams up with the great grape? The answer is in this bottle! The Citrus Taste will shock your taste bud, string your sleepiness away. The sweetness will never let you regret the fact that you decided...

Ara Nostra - Triple Grape 60ml

$29.95 Sold Out

Do you love grape? Or do you love grapes? Don't choose one if you can have all three grapey sensations in a puff. Black, red, and green grapes combined to give a delightful taste of soury and sweet grapes in our triple grape flavour.  ...
Ara Nostra - Fruit Punch 60ml - Cloud 9 Australia Vapes E-Juice Ara Nostra

Ara Nostra - Fruit Punch 60ml


'As the name suggests, this bottle is all about fruits and more fruits! Various types of fruity flavours, mixed thoroughly just to wow your tongue. Name whatever the taste that you want, you will definitely end it here! Let the flavour punch you in the...
Ara Nostra - Orange Berries 60ml - Cloud 9 Australia Vapes E-Juice Ara Nostra

Ara Nostra - Orange Berries 60ml


Whenever you heard orange, think sour! A mix of Citrus Flavours with the wealthy berries. Wealthy because they are so freakin rich of flavours! So Quick! Take me home and taste my mesmerizing berries flavour!'' PG/VG: 50/50%
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