Whether your taste buds crave those fruity flavours or sweet dessert flavours, we got you covered with a large range of flavours and a brands to fit your palette.

For those who are trying to quit or even just convert from traditional cigarettes, there are tobacco flavoured juices to give that old familiar feeling.

All Juices Contain 0 mg of Nicotine

Boxing Juice - Watermelon Strawberry 60ml

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Mouth-watering fruits blended together to offer a strong, yet sweet taste that will leave you craving more.

Boxing Juice - Mixed Berries 60ml


An insane variety of different delicious berries all crammed together that will take you to fruity heaven!

Boxing Juice - Blue Bull 60ml

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A cheeky flavour infused with high levels of energy that is guaranteed to give you wings.

Boxing Juice - Mango Pineapple Punch 60ml

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This diverse fruity combination hits hard and comes with a one way ticket to taste bud paradise!

Boxing Juice - Ice Cream Tutti Frutti 60ml

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A delicious blend of fruits and ice cream flavours that will be sure to send you back to your childhood.

Boxing Juice - Peach Lemon Tea 60ml


Enjoy a cool, refreshing punch of peach tea infused with a hint of lemon for that extra bit of zing!

Boxing Juice - Grape Blackcurrant 60ml


A huge splash of grape mixed with a big burst of blackcurrant keeps the mouth wanting more!

Boxing Juice - Chocomond Banana Cake 60ml


Better than your Nan's secret cake recipes. This sweet treat of flavours will send her into retirement!

Boxing Juice - Banana & Berries 60ml


This tasty smoothie blended together with the finest of fruits is without a doubt every health freak's wet dream!

Boxing Juice - Apple Watermelon 60ml


A refreshing combination of some juicy fruits which makes this flavour a mouth-watering must have!

Boxing Juice - Fresh Pineapple 60ml

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Boxing Juice Fresh Pineapple e-liquid is a unique fresh pineapple blend that we're sure you'll love. Super refreshing like a tropical drink by the pool.

Boxing Juice - Fresh Grape 60ml

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Experience the taste of this amazing recipe with its perfect balanced of fresh menthol and handpicked grapes.

Boxing Juice - Fresh Orange 60ml

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Boxing Juice Fresh Orange will give you such a blast of fresh citrus orange that your mouth will asking for another glass please!

Boxing Juice - Fuji Green Apple 60ml

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Boxing Juice Fuji Green Apple is a fantastic green apple e-liquid that reminds us of green apple flavoured chewing gums.

Boxing Juice - Popcorn Peanut 60ml


The ultimate popcorn treat for your taste buds that will leave you craving every last drop of salty nuts!

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