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Drag X Pro Kit by VooPoo gives you 100W of power, good vapour flavour, decent vape clouds and a TPP X Pod that vapes like a regular vape tank. The Drag X Pro is the bigger brother of the Drag S Pro, giving you all the same features such as VooPoo TPP...

Drag X Pro Kit by VooPoo gives you 100W of power, good vapour flavour, decent vape clouds and a TPP X Pod that vapes like a regular vape tank. The Drag X Pro is the bigger brother of the Drag S Pro, giving you all the same features such as VooPoo TPP Coil compatibility, adjustable airflow, a quick lock or quick on/off toggle switch, and Smart and RBA Modes so you can fine tune your vaping experience. The Drag X Pro adds the use of an 18650 (with included adapter) or 21700 battery (batteries not included) for a more versatile vaping experience, allowing you to switch out batteries and continue to vape.


That’s right, VooPoo innovated the heck out of the Drag X Pro Kit! The toggle switch, located under the up and down buttons, allows you to:

  • lock/unlock your device OR turn it on/off
  • all with a simple push of your toggle switch
  • select how you want to use your toggle switch (on/off or lock/unlock) through the settings (hold up and down buttons together).

That’s not all the VooPoo Drag X Pro Mod has to offer. You get all the features a good vape mod should offer, like:

  • Battery versatility – use an 18650 battery with included adapter or a 21700 battery (not included).
  • 100W of power.
  • Gene 3.0 Chip – 20% performance improvement compared to past devices with 8.5V that promises more stable flavour and more clouds even with a built-in battery.
  • 360º infinite adjustable airflow – allows you to precisely control your airflow via a control ring that also has smaller air holes suited to mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.
  • Auto draw vaping – a highly sensitive air sensor allows you to simply draw on the drip tip (mouth piece) to vape as good and as quickly as when you press the fire button to vape.
  • Grip – the bottom of the Drag X Pro Mod has rubber panels for grip while standing.
  • Good looks – aesthetically-pleasing zinc alloy and leather panels make the Drag X Pro look nice while providing an ergonomic hold.
  • Type C charging while standing upright.
  • Secure battery door – quality hinged door to access your battery at the bottom of the mod.
  • Three modes to tailor your vaping with.
    • Smart Mode:
      • detects coil and sets lowest wattage for that coil automatically
      • won’t let you increase wattage beyond the highest wattage of that coil
      • stops you from accidentally burning your coil with too much wattage.
    • RBA Mode:
      • lets you set the wattage regardless of coil specifications
      • use the full 100W the Drag X Pro provides.
    • Temperature Control Mode:


More VooPoo innovation is seen in what looks like a child-proof top fill on the VooPoo TPP X Pod that requires a little more than just unscrewing the top to access. Plus, it’s a top-filling pod that you don’t have to remove from the Drag X Pro or Drag S Pro Mod to fill! Check out the other awesome features of the TPP X Pod:

  • Cross compatibility – switch out the TPP X Pod and use PnP Pods or PnP MTL Pods which are compatible with PnP Coils, if you like. PnP Pods feature in other VooPoo devices such as the original Drag, Drag 2 Refresh, V Suit Pod Kit and Argus Pro. You can also use the TPP X Pod in PnP Pod devices!
  • Top fill – push the black button at the top of the TPP X Pod, turn top cap to the left, lift the rubber cover and fill. Reverse the process to close the top cap and you’re good to vape.
  • VooPoo TPP Coils – good flavour and decent vape clouds.
  • 810 drip tip – it’s removeable for easy cleaning but if you wish to use a different drip tip in its place, keep in mind that only modified drip tips with o-rings on them will fit.
  • Magnetic connection – the TPP X Pod is securely held in place on the Drag X Pro by magnets.
  • Direct-lung (DL) vaping - use the high-wattage TPP coils included to DL vape, where you draw vapour straight to your lungs, with ease. For MTL vaping (draw vapour in, hold it in your mouth, then inhale to the lungs) we recommend using the DM4 0.3 ohm, mid-wattage TPP Coils (sold separately).
  • Easy coil change – take the pod out of the Drag S Pro, pull out the old coil and plug in the new.

The Drag X Pro Kit will give you a great vaping experience at mid to high-wattage vaping in a pod kit that feels like you’re vaping an actual vape tank. It’s a great compact electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) that doesn’t compromise on quality build and performance, typical of VooPoo’s great standard that only seems to be getting better.


If you love everything about the Drag X Pro Kit but want a smaller, 80W vape kit with a built-in 3000mAh battery, try the VooPoo Drag S Pro Kit. It performs exactly the same, with most of the same features only with a little less power.

Please note:

  • Remove the 18650 battery adapter from inside the Drag X Pro Mod if using a 21700 battery.
  • TPP Pod is not compatible with PnP Coils. PnP Pods are not compatible with TPP Coils.
  • As always, remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops of vape juice in the coil, install the coil and wait five minutes before using. This ensures the coil is saturated and avoids getting dry hits.



  • Vapour e-liquid capacity: 5.5mL
  • Material: PCTG (BPA-free plastic)
  • Coil resistance: 0.15 ohm Mesh 80-100W (TPP-DM3), 0.2 ohm Mesh 40-60W (TPP-DM2)


  • Material: zinc alloy, leather
  • Output power: 5-100W
  • Output voltage: 0.0-8.5V
  • Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohm
  • Battery compatibility: single 21700 or 18650 battery (not included)
  • Size: 135.5 x 28.8 x 34.5mm


  • VooPoo Drag X Pro Device
  • VooPoo TPP X Pod 5.5mL
  • VooPoo TPP-DM3, 0.15 ohm coil
  • VooPoo TPP-DM2, 0.2 ohm coil
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • User manual




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