Vaporesso - GEN AIR 40 KIT BLACK

Vaporesso - GEN AIR 40 KIT BLACK

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Gen Air 40 Pod Kit by Vaporesso features a light, 67g body that makes it easy to carry, a built-in 1800mAh battery for all-day vaping and is easy enough for beginner vapers who don’t mind changing coils. The two simple buttons on the Vaporesso Gen 40 Air Battery/Mod give you instant vape clouds...

Gen Air 40 Pod Kit by Vaporesso features a light, 67g body that makes it easy to carry, a built-in 1800mAh battery for all-day vaping and is easy enough for beginner vapers who don’t mind changing coils. The two simple buttons on the Vaporesso Gen 40 Air Battery/Mod give you instant vape clouds with the fire button and power mode options with the small power button. The Gen Air 40 Pod is the vape-goods delivery guy with its precise airflow control door for both restricted and loose draws, compatibility with the flavoursome Vaporesso GTX Coils, secure clip to hold your pod in place and side fill. Did we mention you’ll also get awesome vapour flavour and decent vape clouds too?


Your Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Mod or Battery (the part without the pod), will tell you the power mode you’re using and how much battery life you have left using four little round lights. Knowing whether it’s showing battery level or power mode depends on which button you press:

  • Bigger fire button – press to vape or press once to see your battery level (one light means you have 25% battery left and four lights is 75-100%).
  • Small power button – press to change your power. Levels go up by 0.2 increments in voltage but even if you don’t know what voltage means in terms of wattage, it doesn’t really matter. The higher the number of lights the more boost in power you have in your draws (one light means 3V and four lights means 3.6V).

If you love simple pod kits that still offer a little adjustability for you to tailor your vape with, you’ll love the Gen Air 40 Mod and its many simple features:

  • Sturdy build but light weight – even though the Gen Air 40 weighs only 67g, the build quality is great which is not surprising, being a Vaporesso vaping device.
  • Quick fire – instant vape clouds as soon as you press the fire button.
  • Small size – measuring just over 10cm with the pod makes the Gen Air 40 easy to carry in your pocket or bag (make sure you turn it off with five clicks of the fire button to avoid accidental firing while carrying).
  • Comfortable hold – compact size and rounded edges makes the Gen Air 40 comfortable in your palm with smart positioning of the fire button to suit both index finger or thumb operation in either right or left hand.
  • 40W – power mos Vaporesso GTX Coils available (except 0.15 or 0.2 ohm)
  • Type C charging - port is on the bottom of the mod so it must charge laying on its side. We recommend removing the pod while charging to avoid any leaking while on its side.


You know how some pod kits have airflow adjustment but because they are built for either direct-lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, you’re really only getting a variation of the one type of draw? Well not the Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Pod! Your adjustable airflow, which is conveniently positioned on the actual pod, legitimately adjusts your airflow so you can literally get both DL (inhaling vapour straight to your lungs, loose draw) and MTL (restricted draw, vapour held in mouth before inhaling to lungs) vaping!

Seriously! You’ll get tight MTL, MTL, loose MTL, restricted DL and DL vaping from one, small pod. If that’s not enough to season your vape juice (whatever that means, we made it up), check out the other Gen Air 40 Pod features:

  • 5mL e-liquid capacity - ensures you’re not topping up with vape juice every five minutes.
  • Tasty vapour flavour – the Vaporesso GTX Coils are renowned for their incredible vapour flavour production and leak resistance. GTX Coils are also used in a large number of other Vaporesso devices, so chances are you already have some at home too!
  • SSS leak-resistant technology in the pod which stands for:
    • seal comprehensivelywith the o-rings that keep the air pressure in for a tighter draw
    • store safelywith extra seal that may prevent leaking while not in use
    • saturate properlyvia the large coil openings to the cotton to avoid burning the coil or getting a dry hit (aka helps prime coil and keep the cotton wet while vaping).
  • Large-ish vape clouds – you won’t get gigantic vape clouds from this little pod vape kit but a satisfying medium vape cloud with decent density is almost a guarantee, especially with the lower resistance GTX Coils.
  • Side filling pod – take the pod out from the mod, easily spot the red rubber cover of the fill port, lift and fill with 4.5mL of vape juice.
  • Simple coil change – a simple pull out of the old coil and plug in of the new (also known as press fit coils) is all you need to do to replace the coils of your Gen Air 40 Pod. Just ensure you line up the straight edges of the coil with the cut-outs on the bottom of the pod so the coil sits flush to the bottom of the pod.
  • Secure connection – your Gen Air 40 Pod ain’t goin’ nowhere once it’s clipped in to your Gen Air 40 Mod. Once you hear that satisfying click, indicating your pod in correctly in place, you can shake your pod kit vigorously (not recommended, in case you lose your grip) and it’s staying put.
  • Built-in drip tip – built in to your Gen Air 40 Pod is a medium sized drip dip that is comfortable for both MTL and DL vaping.

The Vaporesso Gen Air 40 is kind of like an all-rounder pod kit. There’s just enough simplicity for beginner vapers, just enough adjustable settings (airflow, power) to tailor your vape with if you want to and just enough battery juice to last you most or all day, vaping the way you like. The Gen Air 40 is also perfect for on the go so even if you’re into more power and cloud-chasing vape clouds, this could still be right for you if you want to carry something smaller out and about.

Please note:

  • The Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Pod Kit is compatible with most GTX Coils excluding 0.15 and 0.2 ohm coils as they require more than 40W.
  • Remember to prime new coils before using so you don’t get dry hits or burn your coil too quickly. Prime the coils by dropping some vape juice in the centre of the coil to saturate the cotton. Install the coil, fill the pod and as an extra precaution, let it sit for five minutes before vaping.


  • Dimensions: 103.05 x 31.55 x 20.5mm
  • Weight: 67g
  • Wattage range: 5 – 40W
  • Display: Tiding Battery Indicator
  • Battery: in-built 1800mAh
  • 5mL vapour e-juice capacity
  • Coil compatibility: Triple Silicone Vaporesso GTX Coils 0.3 ohm - 1.2 ohm
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Side fill
  • Battery indicator lights
  • Power adjustment ability


  • Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Battery/Mod
  • Vaporesso Gen Air 40 Pod Cartridge (4.5mL)
  • Vaporesso GTX 0.4 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Vaporesso GTX 0.8 ohm Mesh Coil
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


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